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Our next tour is here! MacFloyd’s 2014 Into the Distance tour is launched

Hello everybody! We are back. 2013 was a MONSTER year! Quite possibly the best tour ever for MacFloyd. We knew it would be a hard act to follow. As a result of that, 2014 is » MORE

New website goes live

As MacFloyd prepare for the busy 2013 ahead, the new website goes live! A smarter look and a Dark Side of the Moon theme to accompany this special year. Rehearsals are progressing well, gigs are » MORE

MacFloyd celebrate 40th anniversary of The Dark Side of the Moon album in 2013 tour

In 1973 Pink Floyd released The Dark Side of the Moon. From the opening heartbeat, to the iconic album cover, it has become one of the most successful rock albums of all times. To celebrate » MORE

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